Spiny Babbler and PIN Nepal Come Together to ‘Create for Good’ during #7DaysofGenius

On February 27, Nepalese arts organization, Spiny Babbler in collaboration with 92Y helped kick off the #7DaysofGenius festival with an event at PIN Nepal – a home for girls in need. They hosted a workshop for students around the 7 Days of Genius challenges: Bridging the Divide, Health, Wellness and Mindfulness, News and Information, Cities & Communities of the Future, Displacement and Migration, The Arts, and Equality & Human Rights.

Since this year’s #7DaysofGenius theme is Create for Good, thirty girls at PIN Nepal produced artwork around the 7 challenges.

17039234_1884382978440264_2509043135583718786_o (1)

And the students brainstormed ways to improve their communities by:

1. Picking up trash and recycling items more often.
2. Finding ways to expand health services.
3. Spreading kindness in areas in need.
4. Creating accessible transportation for those who need to attend schooling.

A young woman named Susmita explained her artwork saying “I drew someone sweeping and my friend, Anita drew someone picking up the trash and throwing them in the dust bin. Our message is that all of us are working together. No matter if we are rich or poor, we want our communities to be working together for the betterment of our people!”


See more photos from the event and check back next week for more #7DaysofGenius updates from Nepal and other countries around the world!

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