The Unknown Genius Nancy Cunard with Think Olio

March 8, 2016 — Think Olio — the New York City start-up that brings the best teachers to local venues to hold classes for the price of a movie ticket — celebrated 7 Days of Genius by looking at the theme of “Unknown Genius” through the life of Jazz Age genius Nancy Cunard.

From Think Olio’s blog:

“Charles Riley, acclaimed author and beloved professor was able to speak in public for the first time about Nancy Cunard, a women who’s work he has been admiring for the past few years. While doing research for his new book, Riley  discovered that Nancy Cunard was much, much more than the heiress to the Cunard Yacht company and girlfriend to famous writers like Samuel Beckett, T.S Elliot, and Langston Hughes. Learning about Nancy Cunard and her great work of poetry, “Parallax”, made us realize how genius can often go unnoticed.”

The event was held at Chinatown Soup in Manhattan.

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