By Elias Messinas.

ECOWEEK’s Thessaloniki event took place at TECHNOPOLIS Hub in Pylea Thessaloniki, on Monday March 7th. The event was co- organized with Nanotypos, and in cooperation with AKTO School of Arts and Design and the ECOWEEK GREENHOUSE. The event was moderated by ECOWEEK Associate Despoina Kouinoglou and was livestreamed. Check out the event program here:

Following a short introduction on ECOWEEK, 5 experts shared their innovative projects:

  • EU funding opportunities’ by Giannis Tsitsopoulos
  • Innovative projects at the International University’ by Ioanna Simeonidou
  • Smart Eco- solutions for innovative applications’ by Electra Papadopoulo
  • Innovative uses of polymer materials’ by Prof. Dimitrios Bikiaris
  • Dangerous digital habits’ by Dr. Alexis Papadimitriou

Later in the day, 4 young projects were presented:

  • Sustainable Solution for Floods’ by Astrit Rraci, Kosovo
  • SenseLAB’ touching upon issues of handicap understanding of space by Ena Hadzic and Maja Ibrahimpasic, Bosnia & Herzegovina
  • Homelessness: a design challenge’ by Christina Petsiou and ECOWEEK workshop team W7
  • Garden of Fairy Tales’ on open public space (Lina Kapeta).

Learn more about the speakers here.

The project of Astrit Rraci from Kosovo, offering a sustainable solution for floods using new materials and exploiting the water flow to recycle water and produce energy, was voted by the participants as the genius idea of the event. Check out the project here!

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