ECOWEEK & 7 Days of Genius in Bucharest, Romania

ECOWEEK’s Seven Days of Genius event in Bucharest, co-organized with NGO University, took place at Seneca Anticafe downtown Bucharest on March 10th. The event was moderated by ECOWEEK Associate Radu Negulescu. You can learn more about the event program here.

Following a short introduction on ECOWEEK, the event included a series of presentations by young entrepreneurs. Here are some of the projects that were presented:

  •  ‘Parking People’ by Liviu Chelcea and Ioana Iancu
  • ‘Bucharest Green Lakes’ by Ioana Tudora
  • ‘Clay Houses’ by Catalin Berescu
  • ‘Case VII’ by Natalia Negru
  • ‘Regaining Green Spaces in your Neighborhood’ by Laura Negulescu
  • ‘Creative Campus’ by Alexandru Vasiliu and Andrei Mihail

Click here to learn more about the speakers and their work!

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Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 1.45.32 PM

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