ECOWEEK & 7 Days of Genius in ATHENS, GREECE

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by Elias Messinas

The ECOWEEK Greece event took place at AKTO College for Art and Design in Athens, Greece on Saturday 5 March from10:00-17:00 in cooperation with, Mamidakis Foundation, Design Lobby, ArchiSearch and the ECOWEEK GREENHOUSE. The event was moderated by ECOWEEK Associate Dimitris Nanos.

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Following a short introduction on ECOWEEK, 3 established projects were presented: ‘Design Initiatives in Public Space’ (Thomas Doxiadis), ‘One Planet Living by Bioregional’ (Benjamin Gill), and ‘Materialize it!’ on nanotechnology (Konstantinos Giannakopoulos).

During the second part of the event, 4 young projects were presented, introducing a diversity of ideas including ‘Refugee Hospitality Center’ (Spiros Koulias), ‘Instant Urbanity’ an urban intervention in the center of Athens to enhance the sense of community (Evi Saflagioura), ‘Sustainable Solution for Floods’ (Astrit Rraci, Kosovo), ‘Prototype design for kindergarten’ (Argyris Amerikanos), and ‘Designing a Better World’ by GloVo – global volunteer platform – initiative (Nikos Foros).

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The winner:

The project of Astrit Rraci from Kosovo, which offers a sustainable solution for floods using new materials and exploiting the water flow to recycle water and produce energy, was voted by the participants as the genius idea of the event. Learn more about the project:

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