A Brazilian Meal of Genius

By Daniel Lewis.

Brazil1Our meal of genius was three-course; an appetizer of an innovative political education platform called Politize; a main course of IDoCode hands-on programming training; and a desert of an all-in-one emergency services app called SOS Fácil. After each course was tasted, a panel of experts gave their feedback and questions to figure out what truly made these recipes, genius.

Politics for People who Don’t do Politics

Diego Calegari, the state secretary of education of Santa Catarina has brought politics to the masses through his political education platform; Politize. Politize works to ensure that the people effected by politics understand it. Politize takes complex topics and boils them down to accessible, bite-sized pieces that anyone can digest, it turns political theater into informed politics.


Learning…is fun?

Many see programming as the language of the future. Leonardo Zambaldi plans to make that future a reality with I Do Code; a code school based out of Florianopolis that teaches coding to kids and adults through everyone’s favorite medium: games. I Do Code is working to create the next generation of Brazilian coders; upgrading kids from just playing their games to actually making them!


Connected EMS

Nowadays, you can hail a taxi, a taco, and even a litter of kittens but medical services are stuck in the 911—operator age. Claudia Toledo’s solution for this is an app called SOS Fácil. SOS Facil gives the patient all the necessary information to battle any illness. It knows which hospitals are closer, busier and which have the necessary facilities to treat a given condition. It’s a doctor’s office in your pocket with all of your medical information, doctor ratings and even built in videochat so that the medical process is made both simple and transparent.


A delicious meal indeed!

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