7 Days of Genius Floripa as a Lifestyle


By Daniel Lewis

If Hawaii and Silicon Valley had a baby that baby would be Florianopolis. Florianopolis (Floripa to the locals) is a city of about 400,000 in southern Brazil. It’s famous for having Brazil’s highest reported quality of life and has hopes of becoming Brazil’s very own Silicon Valley.

But what really makes Florianopolis so special? To find out, I went to talk to a few people who decided to move to Florianopolis for the next chapter of their lives.

Thiago — Developer

Where are you from?

São Paolo.

What drew you to Florianopolis?

Well, Floripa has a higher quality of life and lots more start-ups and free time without all of the pressures and traffic of a big city.

What’s surprised you the most so far?

People are friendlier and usually better educated here. They like to work and have fun. In Sao Paolo, people leave work at 7-8PM, sit in traffic, eat dinner and go to sleep. Here, people really enjoy their lives.

Victor — College Student

How long have you lived in Floripa?

Four years.

In those four years, what have been your favorite things about Florianopolis?

Something I really like about Floripa is that it’s filled with lots of smaller companies where the goals can change and your voice is heard. I’m from a city outside of Sao Paolo, and all of the companies there are massive corporations—you just get lost in them.

Daniel — Me!

I’m an American who’s been living in Florianopolis for about 6 months. What’s stood out to me is Floripa’s natural beauty. A few hours of traffic here can easily become a wonderful wilderness tour—with the added bird calls of wailing horns and revving motorcycles. All of this is what makes Florianopolis so special.

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