Drink a beer. Have a Laugh. Learn How to Build a Spaceship with Raising the Bar.

Raising the Bar is excited to bring you a special mini-series to celebrate 7 Days of Genius.

Check out some of their awesome events!

  • You can learn how your brain both senses and makes sense of taste and smell – and also, how it’s fooled at their talk on Scents & Sensibility.
  • At a talk on Transforming Health with Small Data you can discuss techniques for using data to close the gap between what we are born with and what we die from.
  • Join neuroscientist Professor Moran Cerf for Decision-making & the Brain to talk about the processes underlying our decision making and the way our brains navigate our choices.
  • Explore the ways in which the human condition is primed for creative rebels and change agents to disrupt the status quo for activated social change at Disrupting the Status Quo. 



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