ECOWEEK Joins 92Y For Seven Days of Genius

NGO ECOWEEK joins 92Y for Seven Days of Genius. ECOWEEK is hosting satellite events co-organized with local partners in Jerusalem, Athens, Thessaloniki, Bucharest and Sarajevo. Young and established entrepreneurs, designers, innovators, architects, landscape architects, researchers, and planners, will come together for a day of presentations, brainstorming workshops, and networking on new and established ‘genius’ ideas. The guiding theme of the week is ‘DESIGN FOR SOCIAL GOOD’.

ECOWEEK’s work focuses on sustainable design at international gatherings and design workshops. In 2008, ECOWEEK organized its first conference in Greece with the AIA Continental Europe. Inspired by Egyptian architect Hassan Fathy, young and established professionals work together at ECOWEEK events to solve real problems in real sites, aiming to learn new skills and knowledge, while benefiting the local communities.

ECOWEEK is an NGO based in Israel and Greece, established by architect Elias Messinas, a Yale-graduate and Ford Motor Company Fellow, with the mission to raise environmental awareness and to promote sustainability and integrated development. When Elias was an architecture undergraduate student, he travelled to Egypt to meet Fathy and was inspired by the vision of a man who tried to change the architectural culture of his country with sustainable practices. “From our work in 15 countries around the world,” says Messinas, “where we bring together young professionals of different cultures and faiths, we have learned to value cooperation. I like a quote by legendary innovator John Seely Brown who said ‘conversation is a catalyst for innovation’. In all our events we encourage dialogue and teamwork to empower young professionals to innovate and change.”

More information below about the Seven Days of Genius events organized by ECOWEEK and its local partners:

Athens, Greece – March 5, hosted by AKTO College of Art and Design, includes presentations from young and established architects, landscape architects, designers and innovators from Greece and abroad.

Thessaloniki, Greece – March 7, hosted by TECHNOPOLIS Business Park with presentations from young and established innovators, designers and architects from Greece and abroad.

Jerusalem, Israel – March 8, hosted by the American Center and includes presentations by young and established architects, landscape architects, innovators, designers, and researchers from East and West Jerusalem.

Bucharest, Romania – March 10, hosted by Seneca Anticafe, and includes presentations by young and established academics and professionals, and Urbanism Landscape Social Diploma Projects from Bucharest.

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina – March 11, hosted by Networks Hub and includes presentations primarily by young and established innovators from Sarajevo.

“The ECOWEEK model is to work closely with local partners, so that each event engages, empowers and benefits local entrepreneurs and professionals, it is locally generated and relevant to the local community,” says Elias. “I take this opportunity to thank our partners who worked with us in making these events possible: AKTO Art and Design College,, The Mamidakis Foundation, Design Lobby, ArchiSearch, Nanotypos, TECHNOPOLIS ICT Business Park, The American Center, The US Embassy in Israel, JEST, Seneca Anticafe, Do-It_Achitectura, Networks, International University of Sarajevo, Lift-Spatial Initiatives, and the ECOWEEK Greenhouse.”

To learn more about the ECOWEEK satellite events visit:

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