Brazil: beaches, endless surfers, music, dancing…GENIUS??

Florianopolis, Brazil: 45 beaches, endless surfers, even more parties, lots of soccer, and technology. Lots of it, actually. You probably imagine Brazil and think of Rio and the Amazon; of vibrant and colorful culture and music. Honestly, you probably think of anything other than technology. But here, in Brazil, when you mix an emerging tech industry with our uniquely creative culture and one of the highest levels of income inequality in the world, a solution appears: Tech for Good.

Technology can be used for profit, for transport, for health, for really just about anything. All that’s needed is the initiative and the resources to put it in place. Brazil has a lot of the former; you can nearly taste the energy and inspiration in the tropical air. But the latter, well, that’s where we come in. Impact Hub Floripa, along with the four other Impact Hub’s scattered throughout Brazil are the resource providers. We are an on-ramp for those who want to use tech to improve society.

Here, in our 160m2 space, we are home to a social network for health providers, a governance innovator, a storyteller, an incubator, a blogger; nearly anything you can think of all under one roof, mingling, meshing and mutating. Impact Hub is where transformative ideas that can change the way the world thinks and acts are born. It’s where tech can be leveraged and transformed for good.

And with our upcoming 7 Days of Genius, Tech for Good Mash Up we hope to bring our energy and inspiration to an even greater Brazilian and worldwide population. Check back here for updates!

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