92Y 7 Days of Genius

Social Impact Start-up Challenge!

92Y & Impact Hub NYC partnered on the 7 Days of Genius” Start-up Challenge. The winner will score $10,000 + IHNYC membership. The deadline to enter was February 12, 2016. If you missed it, check back here for updates on the winning genius ideas.

Also, don’t miss the IHNYC & House of Genius co-sponsored event on Saturday, March 5, as part of the 7 Days of Genius festival. See last paragraph for details.*

  1. Christina Cobb talks with Asha Curran, Director, Center of Innovation and Social Impact at 92Y.

The concept of genius typically celebrates the exceptional individual. How does the 7 Days of Genius festival integrate genius and community?

As a community center, we know that extraordinary things can happen when you bring people together and provide the right kind of spark. 7 Days of Genius is designed to generate that spark. We are hosting a slew of talks and events here at 92Y that consider genius through a variety of lenses–technology, philosophy, science, literature, education and more. We’re also working with partners in cities around the world, including Impact Hub NYC, to engage people around genius in ways that are relevant to them in their own communities. We hope that 7 Days of Genius amplifies many voices and points of view, and leverages technology and social media to bring people together in meaningful ways.

The festival definitely explores the lives and work of individual geniuses, both past and present, through a middle-school curriculum on famous geniuses; with our psychobiography series that explores the personal lives of extraordinary people; and in a free interactive exhibit for families dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci, among other initiatives. But we’re also interested in unearthing genius in typically untapped places including underserved, under-resourced communities around the world, where some of our global partners are bringing adults and children together to develop new ideas for the benefit of their own communities. We hope to give voice to the ideas of people who don’t have a platform like the great academics and public intellectuals do.

Why did 92Y choose to partner with Impact Hub for the Start-Up Challenge?

92Y and Impact Hub definitely share values and have complementary missions and audiences. Not only are we aligned in our commitment to innovation and entrepreneurship, but both our organizations are asking the big questions about how those things can positively shape the future. And 7 Days of Genius is all about bringing partners together so that the whole festival is more than the sum of its parts. We think the Impact Hub community is full of people who should be entering the start-up challenge!

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