Week 6 Blog – Group 23

In our second to last week of camp, Group 23 has had so many exciting events and activities that has kept our energy and enthusiasm going.  It all prepared us for Wednesday’s carnival and Thursday’s overnight!  We began with activities such as painting and drawing, where we created our own tropical birds, and coding, learning to create our own computer games through a software called Scratch.  We also made different types of shoes in ceramics and put our big imaginations to work in the evos playground.  Then came our Wacky Wednesday, and this week’s theme was Yomi Bear’s Safari Adventure and we had safari themed activities such as a lily pad relay.  Group 23 also enjoyed everyone’s favorite event: carnival!  We ate yummy snacks and played games and had fun in the bouncy houses.  The next day was the start of our second overnight, and everyone had a blast!  After our regular camp day ended, we had an extra swim and participated in an exciting game of Color Chase, collecting colors and trying to escape the green meanies!  Afterwards, we gathered around the campfire for s’mores and stories before going to sleep.  We then ended our week with some more relaxed activities like gardening and arts and crafts, and we left off on a super high note by winning Group of the Week!  We’re definitely going to keep up our energy for camp in our last week!

Week 6 Blog – Group 28

This week at camp Yomi was an exciting and eventful one. Not only was it Safari Wednesday but also Unit 3’s overnight. To kick off the week campers played some frisbee, after running around and having fun kids went into the pool to cool off. Campers then later got to be movie stars during filmmaking. On Tuesday kids got to do archery and even getting some bullseyes. Later in the day campers also got to hit some home runs during baseball. During arts and crafts campers got creative by creating masterpieces using tissue paper to add an extra effect. Goals were also scored during soccer. Wacky Wednesday was also safari themed. But before the wild activities could start, campers enjoyed their time playing gaga. After lunch campers got snacks and got to enjoy some games. After free swim, there were more games for kids to play. After all the fun and games campers created underwater animals with plates and other items. Thursday was the second overnight for unit 3. But because all the fun of overnight, kids got to show their basketball skills. During Jewish Culture, campers shared beautiful and inspiring words about the culture. After Yomi- lectives campers got ready for all the extra fun from overnight. First kids played different games including kickball, steal the bacon, and gaga. After that campers enjoy a friendly round of pizza relay. Once that was done one of the best games ever took place. Greenie Meanies, a race to try and find all 7 colors without getting caught by a greenie who has the power to wipe away all the colors. Once the game was over we all enjoyed dinner, then began to set up for the night. To end the night was a bonfire with of course s’mores. On Friday we all enjoyed breakfast together as a unit, then cleaned up our belongings and had free swim. After getting refreshed we had time to play kickball. After lunch group 28 learned about nature. To end such a busy week group 28 participated in Painting and Drawing, where they created exotic birds. We all hope you enjoy your weekends, and tune in next week for the excitement that’s in store for our last week of camp with all our friends!!!

Week 6 Blog – Group 27

The Liberty Ballers are finishing up their last weeks of camp, with tons of fun and amazing activities, as well as making lasting memories for the summer! This week Group 27 made it big in Basketball, and found their true ballers playing with their friends and landing some super shots. These champions left victorious, having earned the titles Kings and Queens of the court. Instructional swim has become yet another activity our talented campers have mastered, and improved in. We then found skills in Archery, learning how to find our true aim, and land the target with a bull’s-eye. The Liberty Ballers also enjoyed Safari Carnival Wacky Wednesday, in which the whole unit dressed up as lagoon animals and enjoyed face paint, glitter tattoos, games, music, and bouncing around a party bouncy castle! Our campers also had the pleasure of dunking their favorite counselors in a dunk tank, playing pin the tail on the Zebra, Cheetah Chase, and so much more! We finished up our week with our second camp overnight, in which we enjoyed another lovely BBQ dinner, s’mores, and campfire fun. Campers had a blast playing Color Chase, trying to get all the colors of the rainbow, and escaping from the “Meanie Greenie’s”. With our last few days of camp, our campers have made it their mission to have as much fun as they possibly can. Whether that’s soaring the skies on Flying Squirrel, singing songs and dancing at Shabbat, or making new friends and masterpieces in Ceramics, the Liberty Ballers can’t wait to take on each new day which holds even more fun! We all hope you enjoy your weekends, and tune in next week for the excitement that’s in store for our last week of camp with all our friends!!!

Week 6 Blog – Group 26

The Terrific Taxi’s zoomed their way into the sixth week of camp! We started off our Monday with painting and drawing where we made some terrific tropical birds. Afterwards, we headed to instructional swim where the taxi’s impressed with their spectacular swimming skills. We then headed off to coding where we had our turn at an activity about angry birds. We had a ton of fun and had smiles on our faces as we went over to free swim. We had a ball swimming and splashing with our friends in the pool! We ended our day with Yomi electives where we all learned a lot and had a bunch of fun. We went home with happiness in our hearts and excited for our next day. Tuesday started off with some incredible times in Krav Maga where we played a great game with zest and zeal. We then headed off to instructional swim where we learned a lot and played a little too! Afterwards, we had basketball where we learned some cool techniques and had a bunch of fun. Free swim came after where we had a ball splashing and playing with our friends. We then went to pop fits kids where we played a rousing game of jackpot. Nature followed and we dug for worms with happy hearts and eager hands. We ended our Tuesday with smiles plastered on our faces and excited for the next day. The theme for Wacky Wednesday this week was lagoon animals where we all channeled our inner lagoon creatures. We stunned everyone at camp with our amazing costumes! We started off our Wednesday with a rousing game of Gaga where we all had an incredible time. Instructional swim followed and we all worked on our strokes and kicks. Afterwards we had carnival where we dunked our counselors, jumped on a bouncy house and ate some deliciously snacks. We then bounded over to free swim where we all grew some gills and kicked and played. We then played some wonderful carnival games like find the Dino and feed the donkey. Afterwards, we had some fun in the unit where we played lily pad jump and made some super cool jellyfish, turtles and fish. We ended our days with big smiles and excited to be heading back to Camp the next day. Our Thursday began with soccer where we had a fantastic scrimmage game. We then went to instructional swim where our gills came back and kicked to our hearts content. Afterwards, we headed to ceramics where channeled our inner artist and made some terrific coil cups. Free swim rolled around next where we had kicked and splashed with joy in our hearts. We then had Yomi electives where we all had more fun than we thought possible. We then waved some of our friends goodbye, but the rest of us stayed at camp because we had the over night! We kicked off the night with some great field games. After, we had our second free swim where we all had a ball! Then, we had a NYC pizza race where we made pizza out of play doh and delivered it to our head counselor. We then had a delicious barbecue and chomped down on our yummy dinner.  We then played an exhilarating game of color chase where we tried to find colors without getting found by the greenie meanies. We ended our day with some scrumptious s’mores and bonfire songs. We went to bed with smiles on our faces and excited for the next day of camp. Our Friday started with a yummy breakfast and a morning free swim. We then greeted our friends who didn’t stay over night with us and started our day with some fantastic Frisbee. Then, it was instructional swim where we all had fun learning from our lifeguards. Afterwards, we channeled our inner Katniss Everdeen at archery where we got bull’s-eyes left and right. Then, we had free swim where we grew our gills once again and kicked and splashed a ton. Afterwards, we had Shabbat where we sang our hearts out and danced like crazy! We ended our week with climbing tower where our inner monkey came out and we scaled the wall in record times. We ended our sixth week with happy hearts and so excited to have one incredible week of camp left. Have a wonderful weekend and we’re excited to see you next week at wonderful Camp Yomi.

Week 6 Blog – Group 25

This was a very exciting week for Group 25, we swam, took pictures around the garden, sang songs at Music with Nelson, and played Improv games run by the people from Laugh it Out. We channeled our inner athlete and played intense sports games of Tennis, Lacrosse, and Baseball.

Safari Adventures was the theme for our Wacky Wednesday this week.  The safari included a carnival where we got to go in a bouncy house, eat treats, play many games at the table booths, and dunk different counselors in the dunk tank. We also drew different safari animals and did lilypad races. This Thursday was our second overnight for the summer. We kicked it off with a relay race where we had to make pizzas and deliver them. We also played a game called “Color Chase,” where we had to find as many colored paints around the camp without being discovered by the head counselors, aka the “greenie meanies.” We ended the night with smores and bedtime stories. We ended our week playing at the Evos playground, shooting many arrows in Archery, and singing and dancing to our favorite songs at Shabbat. It’s hard to believe the summer is almost over. It has been an incredible time so far, and we can’t wait for one more week filled with lots more fun!

Week 6 Blog – Group 24

HEY GROUP 24!!! Can you believe that next week is the last week of camp? We’re all so sad to be leaving so soon, but we’re not letting that stop us from having the best time we can at camp. We started off our week with by showing off our amazing soccer and hockey skills. We kept things sporty with Gaga later in the week. Group 24 had so much fun during the Wacky Wednesday activities!  We enjoyed playing around in the bouncy house, dunking some counselors in the dunk tank, and playing many really fun games. On Thursday we were all so excited for our second OVERNIGHT!!! We played Greenie Meanies with the unit and our team won! What made tour week even better was that we were able to go onto the zip-line for the 3rd time this summer! Everyone had a blast feeling the rush of wind on the way down. We finished off our week by showing our creativity in film making as well as playing volleyball together at the end of the day. We all had such a fun week together, and we hope to have an even better one next week!

Week 6 Blog: Group 4

This week group 4’s Rockin’ Raindrops had a blast! We started our action-packed week with some creative thinking at photography, where we learned how to tell a story with pictures. After lunch we made snails at Ceramics and practiced shooting some hoops at Basketball. On Tuesday, we did a crazy obstacle course at Gymnastics, at some fresh cucumbers at Gardening, and showed off our skills at Tennis. On Wacky Wednesday we had so much fun playing our safari-themed games and making our own zebra prints! On Thursday, we started our day singing and playing the drums to our favorite tunes. Then we used all of our energy at Soccer, and ended the day with a fun game of Ga-Ga. On Friday, we enjoyed building at Imagination Playground and then eating challah and grape juice at Shabbat! Group 4 had an amazing week full of laughs and energy! We can’t wait to see what happens next week!

Week 6 Blog – Group 22

The group 22 pigeons began another fantastic week with a friendly game of baseball where we hit home runs like we were in the big leagues. After cooling off during instructional swim, we headed to sand Newcomb for heated game played with our toes in the sand. We ended the day with a refreshing free swim and an hour and a half of fun filled yomi-lectives.
Tuesday began with a stupendous scavenger hunt during pioneering, where we meandered through camp searching for treasure. Our campers channeled their inner moneys in high ropes while swinging to the top of the climbing ladder, and later had a blast in boating while rowing through the obstacle course. The day came to a close with Frisbee, where we tossed discs until snack time.
Our campers came to camp on Wednesday filled with spirit and ready to face the wacky day. Group 22 put the “ball” in “Kickball” as we danced around the bases before getting into our wacky activities. We attended a crazy carnival, where we bounced in and out of the bouncy house, dunked our counselor in the dunk tank, and munched on yummy snacks. After lunch and free swim, we continued our wild, wacky day with awesome arts and crafts in the unit and leapfrog races on the field.
We had a joyous start to Thursday in jewelry making, where we created incredible inspirational bracelets and necklaces. We cradled and relayed our way through lacrosse before another fantastic free swim. We rounded off the day with another period of yomi-lectives, where we explored our passions in everything from farm-to-table to photography.
The last day of the week began with a period of superb ceramics, where we pounded and kneaded the clay with smiles all around. Instructional swim was followed by a fantastic cooking period, were we got our hands dirty in flour and sugar. We sang our hearts out in Shabbat, and ended the week with a spirited time in pop fit kids. 
We had a fantastic week, and we can’t wait for the next one!

Week 6 Blog: Group 3

The Astro Aliens blasted into a new week of camp with excitement as we practiced using our rackets and ran around at Tennis! Then, we cooled off at Tennis where we made snails and doughnuts. We ventured into Golf where we learned how to swing a golf club and get a bullseye. On Tuesday, we hit home runs and ran the bases at Baseball. Later, we learned about composting and we planted our very own green beans! Wacky Wednesday was so much fun as we enjoyed the games and activities at the booths, jumped in the bounce house, and dunked our counselors in the dunk tank! On Thursday, we made beautiful necklaces and bracelets at Jewelry Making and laughed so hard at Circus Arts. On Friday, we sang and danced at Shabbat and played a fun game of Kickball. It was another great week for the Astro Aliens at camp!

Group 14 Blog, Week 6

The extraordinary explorers flew into week 6 with excitement and energy! On Monday we continued to make new friends and started off with the Flying squirrel which everyone enjoyed and swung high in the trees. Our next couple of activities were music with Nelson and Basketball! At music with Nelson group 14 got to sing fun songs like song from Moana and beetles songs! Everyone was having fun and got involved! Next we had a delicious lunch and everyone was smiling and having fun in the grass after eating. Next we went to swim where everyone had fun at free swim as always and after got to learn how to perfect their swimming skills at instructional swim. Later in the week on Wednesday we went to archery and filmmaking where we aimed for the bulls eye and then made a cool movie about the Olympics! Lastly to end off the week on our late night day on Thursday we made amazing smoothies at cooking and made emojis at ceramics!! Later we had an extra swim at late night and went around the world with fun activities! Overall Group 14, the Extraordinary Explores, had an amazing 6th week and don’t want this fun summer to end any time soon!

Group 12 Blog, Week 6

The second to last week of camp was a blast for the Silly Sightseers. The campers enjoyed every moment of this week. With a lot of counselors and campers leaving this week everyone made a couple of new memories to cherish and take along with them till next summer. Group 12 had an amazing time in gymnastics where they completed and obstacle course. Also in Zumba where they jammed out to wonderful music and did there silliest dance moves. In arts and crafts, the campers made their coolest robots. Photography turned out to be a sweet moment where campers printed out pictures from a previous photography class, and most campers went home with a group picture. Lacrosse and frisbee were fantastic, campers enjoyed their time and made many new games with the sport. Wednesday was the second carnival for Unit 2, and campers had a blast. The campers even dressed up in the cutest safari animals and they roamed all over camp. And, Thursday being a late night, the campers enjoyed an extra free swim where they were able to cool off and also participate in unit games. This week being extremely hot the campers had a chance to cool off in the pool at the end of the day. Group 12 enjoyed their week of camp and the campers are excited to see what the last week of camp has in store for them.

Group 18 Blog, Week 6

As we near the end of camp group 18 just gets more and more energized and excited! We started off the week with outdoor ceramics and baseball. Everyone focused very well and made beautiful ceramic snails, some people even made monster snails and got very creative. Despite the heat, everyone tried their hardest and worked as a team in volleyball! This wacky Wednesday we had carnival again, a camp favorite! Everyone enjoyed eating cotton candy, popcorn and snow cones, as well as playing many different activities at different carnival booths. On Thursday we enjoyed our second and final late night! We munched on hotdogs and played many activities as a unit. We finally had boating after a whole summer of waiting!! We had so much fun and all split up the work to make sure we could paddle. It was another amazing week for group 18 and it is so sad that next week is our last!

Group 19 Blog, Week 6

The World Wanderers (Group 19) have completed another adventure-filled week! We began with activities like nature, photography, and gardening. In nature we walked around our beautiful camp as explorers and discovered new plants. We printed out our fantastic family photos in photography. We then head off to gardening where everyone made a unique collage out of leaves and pine cones! Our terrific Tuesday started with arts and crafts where the whole group used their imaginations to make a magnificent masterpiece out of tissue paper. We later moved on to basketball where every camper was an NBA star in multiple games of poison. At late night we had an extra enjoyable swim as well as activities that took us to places like Mexico, the Bahamas, and Canada. The impressive Group 19 even took home a huge win at a Bahamas themed relay race by being faster than all the jets and working wonderfully as a team! On Wacky Wednesday we flew to the land of fun with Carnival. We ate superb snacks, got glamorous glitter tattoos, and fabulous face paint! We also had some unit activities that really made us feel like we were in the safari like making hippo masks and playing life sized Hungry, Hungry Hippos! Later on we had Frisbee and all the campers ran faster than any safari animal around the field. On Thursday the group split up and flew to various activities of their choice around the world of Unit 2! We later joined up for Zumba and danced our hearts out to super silly songs like “Pancake Robot” and “It’s Raining Tacos”. After lunch our survivalist sides shined in pioneering when hunting for things we would need to survive outdoors. The week ended as strong as it started. We began our Fantastical Friday with Tennis. All of us perfected our swings and every single person impressively hit the ball over the net with no hesitation. We then zoomed to archery and there was absolutely no shortage of bullseyes from the group. Our Final destination was cooking. There we made smoothies that incorporated tasty flavors from every tropical country! We wish everyone a great weekend and we can’t wait to see what next week has in store for us all! See you all soon for our next adventure!

Group 13 Blog, Week 6

As the summer is fastly approaching the end, the Jazzy Jetsetters still maintained to make the best of their last days. As we jumped into this week, we landed right into improv where the campers showed their great listening skills. As we worked as a team, our great listening skills were demonstrated through a game where we had to clap when the specialist said “STOMP” and/or when he said “STOP” we had continue walking. It was hard, but each camper managed to ace the task. Group 13 then slid into zip-line where we all showed great excitement and participation. Each and every camper showed their courageous character by climbing the ropes to reach the top. The Jazzy Jetsetters are always full of joy when it comes to being at camp each and everyday. While being at Jewish Culture, group 13 were able to gather their thoughts and use it to tell some of their wonderful wishes that they came up with. Not only did they tell their wishes, but they learned about the how shabbat came to be and what time the candles should be lit. Nevertheless, the spirit of group 13 never dies, yet instead remains the high and proud. Our skills came out while playing soccer as each camper wanted to make a goal. The Jazzy Jetsetters not only showed their excitement at their activities, but also at Wacky Wednesday where we had a blast. While we enjoyed our safari theme, activities, we also enjoyed our different snacks that were presented to us. In fact, we won a game while attending carnival and had a lot of fun. As the week gradually comes to an end, group 13 cooled off in the pool everyday, while they enjoyed each others presence and the beach ball games that took place. Furthermore, all campers love showing their swimming skills off to one another, especially because of them moving up to different levels. (WOOHOO!) I can’t wait to see all of you next week for the last week of camp!

Group 17 Blog, Week 6

The Courageous Cruisers blasted into the sixth week of camp with more smiles and excitement than any other group in camp! The amazing week began with the group totally obliterating their fears and all going super high up on the flying squirrel! After that, it seemed like nothing could beat that, but we were wrong. On Tuesday, the favorite activity had to be soccer, where the campers went against the counselors in a game… and won! The unbelievable teamwork of the campers was too much for the counselors to take! On Wacky Wednesday, the theme was Yomi Bear’s safari adventure and all of the counselors dressed up as lions and the kids dressed up as well and looked like they were actually on a safari! There were intense games of Hungry-Hungry Hippos and a bounce house which was fun to bounce in and roll around in. The campers had fun at the end of carnival by getting face-paint, and participating in booths and won tons of tickets! That was a Wednesday that the group, campers, and counselors won’t soon forget! The week ended with the group having a blast at Frisbee, and even got to learn how to throw the frisbees really far! At the end of this amazing week, it is clear that it won’t be forgotten. Although some counselors are leaving the group, we can only wonder what the next and final week at camp will bring. Have an amazing weekend from Group 17!   

Group 20 Blog, Week 6

It was fun, it was hot, it was memorable this 6th week. We did so many fun, cool, and exciting things in this wave of heat. We had a blast from the past and took the stage at Improv. We were being silly and goofy while playing “walk, stop, clap, hop.” Laughter was constant from all the boys and girls. Some even grew wings when they went on the Flying Squirrel. We saw insects at Nature, some dead, some alive. We also went to Pioneering where we learned to survive (outdoors). Wacky Wednesday was hot which was fitting for Safari. So later that day we went to cooking and made smoothies. And boy were they YUMMY. We had an extra swim and activities at this night that was late. We were still active and thrilled even for the dinner we ate We did Tennis, Soccer, all those fun sports But this was the first week we didn’t go on the Basketball Court. We were in for a treat when we saw Ashley in the Dunk Tank. It was even funnier when she went down and sank. Oh Boy Oh Boy did we do a lot. So much we can’t type it all up so HAPPY SHABBAT!

Group 21 Blog, Week 6

This week the campers of Group 21 explored the ocean in ceramics when we made wonderful whales. On Tuesday we mastered our volley and forehand shots in a uber fun relay at tennis. We also had a fantastic time at filmmaking where we used the green screen to disappear behind our own invisibility cloaks. Wacky Wednesday was our wildest one yet when we headed out on a safari and played Hungry Hippos and made hippo masks as we traveled from Canada to the Bahamas with our Yomi passports. Boating was a blast, we pedaled in our boats through a curtain of rainbow pool noodles and saw the true beauty of the nature Camp Yomi has to offer. We went back in time on Thursday when we drew dinosaurs with oil pastels in Painting and Drawing and conquered a Gymnastics obstacle course later in the day. We ended the week on Friday, soaring through camp in the flying squirrel and designing our ideal robots at Lego Robotics! See you next week!

Group 16 Blog, Week 6

The Superstar Sailors had an amazing time during week 6! We started out the week with a crazy fun time at coding, by creating sequences for angry birds. Then we went onto having a terrific time at tennis and, later, scored some goals in soccer. Walking on over to the lake, we spent a brilliant time at boating and took turns moving the boat by peddling with our friends. We zipped on over to the mini zip line and drew beautiful and creative dinosaurs in painting and drawing! During Wacky Wednesday we showed off our wild sides by dressing up as animals for Yomi bear’s safari. All of us ended the week by having a spectacular shabbat and making our bean plants in gardening that we got to take home and share with you guys! We can’t wait for a great time next week in color war!

Group 15 Blog, Week 6

Group 15, the Valiant Voyagers, blasted into week 7 with a ton of excitement and energy. Group 15 zoomed past monday by singing with Nelson in his gazebo, cooking in the kitchen, playing baseball on the mets field, and playing a fun game of kickball. On tuesday, they climbed their way past an obstacle course on low ropes, played a game in floor hockey, jumped around in gymnastics, took beautiful pictures in photography, and playing volleyball in the sand. On wednesday, Yomi Bear’s birthday, all the campers filmed many creative videos for filmmaking and they then  enjoyed an awesome carnival filled with many treats, activities, and even a bouncy castle. On thursday, they went to outdoor ceramics, where they made cups that they could actually drink out of, they went to their chosen hobby hour activity, they planted seeds in the garden, and they learned about Jewish culture. On the last day of the week, they played many fun activities in lacrosse, made amazing necklaces in jewelry making, celebrated shabbat, played tennis, and ran around in pop fit kids. Overall, group 15 had an amazing week! Have a great weekend and we cannot wait to see you for the last week of camp!

Group 34 Week 7 Schedule

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Period 1 Basketball A Baseball @ Mets Krav Maga Field Zipline UNIT: Special Event
Period 2 Instructional Swim Instructional Swim Instructional Swim Instructional Swim Free Swim
Period 3 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch UNIT: Special Event
Period 4 Lego Robotics Evos UNIT: Wacky Wednesday Entertainter Basketball A Lunch
Period 5 Free Swim Free Swim Free Swim Free Swim UNIT: Special Event
Period 6 Archery Yomi-lectives Wacky Wednesday Tennis B UNIT: Field Games / Shabbat
Period 7 Frisbee Yomi-lectives Wacky Wednesday Filmmaking UNIT: Closing Ceremony
Period 8 Snack / Dismissal Snack / Dismissal Snack / Dismissal Snack / Dismissal Snack / Dismissal

Group 33 Week 7 Schedule

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Period 1 Arts & Crafts Basketball A Cooking Boating UNIT: Special Event
Period 2 Instructional Swim Instructional Swim Instructional Swim Instructional Swim Free Swim
Period 3 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch UNIT: Special Event
Period 4 Archery Ceramics UNIT: Wacky Wednesday Entertainter Sand Newcomb / Volleyball Lunch
Period 5 Free Swim Free Swim Free Swim Free Swim UNIT: Special Event
Period 6 Gardening Yomi-lectives Wacky Wednesday Jewish Music / Gaga @ Unit 3 UNIT: Field Games / Shabbat
Period 7 Photography Yomi-lectives Wacky Wednesday Field Zipline UNIT: Closing Ceremony
Period 8 Snack / Dismissal Snack / Dismissal Snack / Dismissal Snack / Dismissal Snack / Dismissal

Group 32 Week 7 Schedule

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Period 1 Baseball @ Yankees Soccer A Climbing Tower Frisbee UNIT: Special Event
Period 2 Instructional Swim Instructional Swim Instructional Swim Instructional Swim Free Swim
Period 3 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch UNIT: Special Event
Period 4 Jewelry Making Painting & Drawing UNIT: Wacky Wednesday Entertainter Basketball A Lunch
Period 5 Free Swim Free Swim Free Swim Free Swim UNIT: Special Event
Period 6 Boating Yomi-lectives Wacky Wednesday Nature UNIT: Field Games / Shabbat
Period 7 Lego Robotics Yomi-lectives Wacky Wednesday Painting & Drawing UNIT: Closing Ceremony
Period 8 Snack / Dismissal Snack / Dismissal Snack / Dismissal Snack / Dismissal Snack / Dismissal

Group 31 Week 7 Schedule

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Period 1 Nature Coding Boating Photography UNIT: Special Event
Period 2 Instructional Swim Instructional Swim Instructional Swim Instructional Swim Free Swim
Period 3 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch UNIT: Special Event
Period 4 Evos Kickball UNIT: Wacky Wednesday Entertainter Tennis B Lunch
Period 5 Free Swim Free Swim Free Swim Free Swim UNIT: Special Event
Period 6 Lego Robotics Yomi-lectives Wacky Wednesday Cooking UNIT: Field Games / Shabbat
Period 7 Basketball A Yomi-lectives Wacky Wednesday Baseball @ Mets UNIT: Closing Ceremony
Period 8 Snack / Dismissal Snack / Dismissal Snack / Dismissal Snack / Dismissal Snack / Dismissal

Group 30 Week 7 Schedule

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Period 1 Baseball @ Mets Zumba Kickball Archery UNIT: Special Event
Period 2 Instructional Swim Instructional Swim Instructional Swim Instructional Swim Free Swim
Period 3 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch UNIT: Special Event
Period 4 Filmmaking Krav Maga UNIT: Wacky Wednesday Entertainter Tennis B Lunch
Period 5 Free Swim Free Swim Free Swim Free Swim UNIT: Special Event
Period 6 Floor Hockey Yomi-lectives Wacky Wednesday Circus Arts UNIT: Field Games / Shabbat
Period 7 Jewelry Making Yomi-lectives Wacky Wednesday Jewish Culture UNIT: Closing Ceremony
Period 8 Snack / Dismissal Snack / Dismissal Snack / Dismissal Snack / Dismissal Snack / Dismissal

Group 29 Week 7 Schedule

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Period 1 Baseball @ Yankees Soccer A Climbing Tower Frisbee UNIT: Special Event
Period 2 Instructional Swim Instructional Swim Instructional Swim Instructional Swim Free Swim
Period 3 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch UNIT: Special Event
Period 4 Jewelry Making Painting & Drawing UNIT: Wacky Wednesday Entertainter Basketball A Lunch
Period 5 Free Swim Free Swim Free Swim Free Swim UNIT: Special Event
Period 6 Boating Yomi-lectives Wacky Wednesday Nature UNIT: Field Games / Shabbat
Period 7 Lego Robotics Yomi-lectives Wacky Wednesday Painting & Drawing UNIT: Closing Ceremony
Period 8 Snack / Dismissal Snack / Dismissal Snack / Dismissal Snack / Dismissal Snack / Dismissal

Week 6 Blog: Group 2

The Shining Stars were off to a great start this week when they played Golf on the field! They hit so many bullseyes and had so much fun watching their friends go up to swing. Then they marched on to Cooking where they made chocolate pretzel trees that were delicious and went to Pop Fit Kids where they played some very fun games of Hot Potato and Keep Away. On Tuesday they let their imaginations run wild at Imagination Playground and danced the chicken dance at Zumba! On Wednesday they got to enjoy all the carnival games, rides, and food all over again! They even got to dunk their counselors in the dunk tank which was hilarious. After a fun game of Kickball, they later got to plant their own pepper and cucumber seeds at Gardening. Thursday was a blast as they got to bounce on the trampoline during the obstacle course in Gymnastics. They ended the day with one of their favorite activities, Mini Zipline, and they had so much fun zooming around in the sky! On Friday, they enjoyed dancing around to their favorite Shabbat songs and can’t wait to see what the next week of camp brings!

Week 6 Blog: Group 1

The Happy Hot Air Balloons had another amazing week of camp! On Monday during Filmmaking, they did their silliest faces in the camera and at Arts & Crafts they made construction paper collages! Tuesday was a thrilling day, because the group had Low Ropes Course where they worked on their balancing skills and walked across the tight rope. In the afternoon, they cooled off by jamming out to some of their favorite music in the gazebo at Music with Nelson. Wacky Wednesday was so exciting because it was the second Carnival at camp! They jumped around in the disco bouncy house and dunked their counselors in the dunk tank. On Thursday, the group played Kickball for the first time and later decorated their own picture frames during Photography. On Friday, they danced and sang with all their friends at Shabbat and cooled off during swim. What a great week!

Group 11 Blog – Week 6

Group 11’s  sixth week went by flying as we approached week 7! On Monday, we went to Soccer where we scored so many goals. We also went to ceramics, where we made snails, and lacrosse, where we also scored a lot of goals and played as a team! On  Tuesday we went to Baseball where many of us hit home runs! We also went to gardening and painting and drawing where we had a lot of fun learning about plants and making dinosaurs! On Wacky Wednesday, we had a Safari Carnival where we did lots of activities like face paint, glitter tattoos, and trivia. On Thursday we had photography, kickball and nature. We got to pick the pictures that we took and design them. In nature we picked up worms and learned more about them. On Friday, we got to go on the Flying Squirrel, where we soared through the air! We had such a great time at Shabbat, too, where we sang and danced, had challah, and drank grape juice! Have a wonderful weekend!

Group 8 Blog – Week 6

As we’re getting close to our last week, Group 8 continues to have a blast at camp! We’ve accomplished so much this week. We started our week off with nature, exploring bugs and their habitats. We then played a traditional game of Ga-Ga that we always play at camp. Our fun flying squirrel activity had campers facing their fear of heights, and they all had so much fun! During the week we enjoyed some fun at outdoor ceramics making snails! Campers played against each other in soccer and baseball. We had a very fascinating session of Jewish culture where campers learned about giants and the land of Israel! On wacky Wednesday we had a fun carnival day where we played in a bouncy house and dunked our counselors in a dunk tank. Thursday we had some delicious and cold ice cream to cool us off in the heat. Friday, we had so much fun and broke a sweat at Zumba and gymnastics where we got to show off our favorite dance moves, and make our way through a challenging obstacle course. And of course, we ended our wonderful week with Shabbat!  Have a great weekend!

Group 10 Blog – Week 6

The Silly Seahorses had an awesome sixth week of camp! We started our week with some amazing activities including Music with Nelson, where we got to play a bunch of different instruments. We also had an awesome time playing basketball and kickball. Tuesday was another jam-packed day for the Silly Seahorses as we had gardening and tennis. We also got to take super awesome photographs in photography. We had an incredible time at this weeks Wacky Wednesday where we got to go on rides and dunk our counselors in the dunk tank! We also got to have our faces painted and get glitter tattoos as well as play a bunch of awesome games. The special Wacky Wednesday activities were not the only thing we did on Wednesday! We also got to have Zumba and we had an awesome time swimming in the pool. Thursday was another incredible day for the Silly Seahorses, as we had an awesome time in baseball and a ton of fun at pop fit kids. We also got to make some awesome snails in outdoor ceramics. We rounded off our week with some more awesome activities including starter golf and jewelry making. We also had a super fun time at Shabbat where we got to sing some awesome songs. We had a really amazing time this week and we look forward to seeing everyone next week for another amazing week of camp. Have a great weekend!

Group 6 Blog – Week 6

It is now the second to last week of camp and the Jolly Jellyfish couldn’t be having more fun! This week started out with a very hot Monday, but our group still had fun during our numerous activities which included a fantastic game of basketball! On Tuesday, The Jolly Jellyfish truly expressed their inner artist by making awesome snowmen during outdoor ceramics. Group 6 took on this week by streamlining through all of their instructional swim and free swim activities. We then had an appetizing experience during our gardening class in which each camper got the opportunity to taste the delicious fresh vegetables and herbs grown in our own garden. On Wednesday morning the sun was out and about for Wacky Wednesday!  The theme for this Wacky Wednesday was “Safari Carnaval,” in which our whole unit dressed up as tourists and more! Our campers enjoyed many activities all centered around the theme and particularly enjoyed the bouncy house dance party where they each got a chance to dance out all their energy and show their favorite moves to their friends. In the afternoon, Group 6 enjoyed a lovely class of improv where they got the opportunity to demonstrate their theatrical skills and learn new things. We finished up our week with some awesome dance moves in Zumba where campers  danced out all their spirit and energy while playing a FREEZE-tastic game of freeze dance! And we can’t forget The mini zip line where the Jolly Jellyfish zipped through the campgrounds and had an amazing experience. As exciting as our week was, the Jolly Jellyfish can’t wait to swim into next week’s activities, which will hold even more fun! We all hope you enjoy your weekend, and tune in next week for more on our exciting camp experience!

Group 7 Blog – Week 6

In this week of camp, the Golden Guppies went swimming on Monday and they continued to learn different ways to swim and get around in the pool by swimming on their own. They swam through the use of freestyle (front crawl) and backstroke. Along with that, they played games such as “Red-light Green-light” and “What Time Is It Mr. Fox?” which really helped them get moving! On Tuesday, the Golden Guppies played golf.  They were really good at cheering each other on!.= On Wacky Wednesday, group 7 dressed up in clothing for Safari Carnival as tourists. They played games such as “Dunk Tank” and “Dance Party Dome”. The Golden Guppies were also given some snacks (such as popcorn, cotton candy, and snow cones) and even got glitter tattoos! On Thursday, we played soccer and played on teams. On Friday, the Golden Guppies had Shabbat. They sang some of the favorite songs such as “How Far I’ll Go” from Moana and “Soup Shabbat.” After Shabbat, they drank grape juice and ate challah. Group 7 is really excited and looking forward to the activities next week! We hope you and your family have a great weekend!

Group 9 Blog – Week 6

Group 9’s  sixth week went by flying as we approached week 7! On Monday, we went to Soccer where we scored so many goals. We also went to ceramics, where we made snails, and lacrosse, where we also scored a lot of goals and played as a team! On  Tuesday we went to Baseball where many of us hit home runs! We also went to gardening and painting and drawing where we had a lot of fun learning about plants and making dinosaurs! On Wacky Wednesday, we had a Safari Carnival where we did lots of activities like face paint, glitter tattoos, and trivia. On Thursday we had photography, kickball and nature. We got to pick the pictures that we took and design them. In nature we picked up worms and learned more about them. We had such a great time on Friday at Shabbat, too, where we sang and danced, had challah, and drank grape juice! Have a wonderful weekend!

Farewell Message

Dear Camp Families,
It has been a privilege to have spent these past eight weeks with you and your children.
All of our campers have brought us joy and laughter and we thank you for sharing them with us. We have seen Bari Tov campers accomplish more than they thought possible, especially with the help of their friends and counselors. We hope your children have been going home happy, more independent, confident and full of great stories and memories that will last.
We wish you all the best in the upcoming school year and we hope to see you soon.
Warm regards,
Camp Bari Tov


Bari Tov Group 1 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Period 1 Archery Photography Tennis Jewish Music Soccer
Period 2 Ceramics Low Ropes Course Olympics! Nature Zumba
Period 3 Painting & Drawing Baseball Gymnastics Gymastics Jewelry Making
Period 4 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
Period 5 Free Swim Free Swim Free Swim Free Swim Free Swim
Period 6 Free Swim Free Swim Free Swim Free Swim Free Swim
Period 7 Filmmaking Sand Volleyball Olympics! Basketball Closing Ceremony
Period 8 Gardening Olympics! Arts & Crafts Olympics! Closing Ceremony
Bari Tov Group 2 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Period 1 Imagination Playground Photography Jewelry Making Nature Gardening
Period 2 Tennis Baseball Olympics! Music with Nelson Soccer
Period 3 Gymnastics Climbing Tower Arts & Crafts Filmmaking Lacrosse
Period 4 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
Period 5 Free Swim Free Swim Free Swim Free Swim Free Swim
Period 6 Free Swim Free Swim Free Swim Free Swim Free Swim
Period 7 Basketball Ga-Ga Olympics! Sand Volleyball Closing Ceremony
Period 8 Archery Olympics! Ceramics Olympics! Closing Ceremony

Week 6

What a great last week in NY for Trailblazers 2018! On Monday we spent our day in the heat at Long Island’s Adventureland on some rides. Tuesday we finished up our last major classes of sports, cooking, Laugh it Out, and Design Lab. On Wednesday we went back to Mountain Creek and splashed around in their waterpark. Then Thursday we battled teams for Color War in the beautiful Palisades Park. The winner was the orange team!!! On Friday we jumped around at Urban Air Trampoline Park and then took a dip in the Yomi pool!

See you next week in Boston!

TB Week 7

Boston Packing List


Good evening to all the Unit 4 Parents!

There has been both some confusion and questions regarding the attire for campers for this weeks wacky wednesday ! The theme is safari adventure & campers should be dressed in the following clothing for tomorrow:

group 29 – zebras

group 30 – lions

group 31 – jaguars

group 32 – parrots

group 33 – elephants

group 34 – black panthers


thank you so much,

Valade (:

Unit 3 Overnight

August 2018

Dear Unit 3 Families,

One of our most popular events at Camp Yomi is the OVERNIGHT and we have great news… the second Unit 3 Overnight is just around the corner! Your camper’s OVERNIGHT will take place on Thursday, August 9, 2018. We will enjoy the pool all to ourselves for an extra swim in the late afternoon.  Our magical day will continue into the early evening with fun-filled activities, a Kosher barbecue dinner and ‘smores with songs by a campfire. Our fun continues the next morning with an additional swim! Breakfast the next morning is also provided, along with lunch on Friday. Campers return home the next day at the normal bus site and scheduled time.

Overnight programming is an optional activity, though well over 90% of our campers choose to participate. There is no need to call if your child will be joining us; however, please notify your child’s Unit Supervisor by Wednesday, August 8th at 5pm if your child wishes to return to your usual drop-off site at the regular time (5:00pm) on Thursday.  You can reach Jeremy at Yomi3@92y.org

What to bring on the overnight (we recommend sending everything in a duffle bag or a second backpack – wheeled suitcases are not ideal for the campgrounds terrain) :

  • Sleeping Bag (Required)
  • Toiletries
  • Insect Repellent
  • Pajamas
  • Long Sleeve Shirt & Long Pants
  • Change of clothes for the following day, including swimsuits for three Thursday and three Friday swims
  • Rain gear (optional)
  • Flashlight
  • Your enthusiasm for a great night with camp friends ☺
  • DO NOT send electronics, including cell phones, as well as CANDY

If your child takes medication that needs to be administered to your child while on the overnight, you should give the medication to your child’s bus counselor Thursday morning. Please include written authorization from the parent/guardian along with the name of the medication, condition for which the medication is being used, the required dosage and frequency with which it is to be dispensed. All medication must be in the original prescription container.

If you have any questions or if we can be of any assistance prior to this event, please contact the camp office at (212) 415-5643 ext.2.


Ivy Manheim                  Alexa Kinney                            Jeremy Burgess

Director                           Assistant Director                   Unit 3 Supervisor

Week 5 Blog – Group 28

It’s been a great week for Group 28 at camp! The highlight of this week was definitely Yomi Idol. Group 28 practiced hard and diligently to perfect their performance. The song we performed to was You’re the One That I Want from Grease, and the campers enjoyed every second of it! With their flashy dance moves and smooth transitions, Group 28 did so amazing and placed 3rd in the whole Unit! Group 28 also got to do many fun-filled activities this week. All the campers have been showing enormous amounts of improvement in tennis. The coach and counselors can surely see how passionate and competitive each camper gets during the drills and games. Group 28 also got to give Rock Climbing another shot this week. Unlike the first time we did Rock Climbing, most of the campers got all the way to the top this week as the whole group cheered them on! For the first time this summer, Group 28 got to do Lego Robotics. Here, the specialists told them a variety of tasks the robot must do and then the campers had to program the robot to do those tasks. Floor Hockey was another activity Group 28 tackled for the first time. This was surely a favorite. All you could see was the campers running back and forth, and goals being scored left and right. However, it had to be cut short because of the rain. Although the rain made Group 28 miss some activities this week, it definitely didn’t kill our spirit! During rainy days, we did such fun Unit activities in the shelter. It really showed what camp was all about… never a dull moment! Nevertheless, swim will never fail to put a smile on Group 28’s faces. All of the campers are showing exponential improvement during instructional swim, and free swim will always be enjoyable for Group 28. This week has been awesome! Next week is filled with so many fun things. We have Yomi Bear’s Safari Adventure for Wacky Wednesday and then the following day we have Unit 3’s second overnight! We are all excited and pumped for all the new memories the rest of the summer will give us!

Week 5 Blog – Group 27

It was a wet n’ wild week for the Liberty Ballers! The week began with Group 27 tackling obstacle courses in Pop Fit Kids!The Liberty Ballers began session B of their Yomi-lectives. Tuesday saw Group 27 showing off their best serves in Tennis and drawing their own treasure maps in Painting and Drawing.

We learned the art of Krav Maga and geared up for their big performance in Yomi Idol. Not even rain could keep the Liberty Ballers from taking to the stag. Group 27 performed a dance routine to “Gonna Fly Now”, the theme song from “Rocky.” We took home the prize for best costumes! The Ballers got in touch with nature, molding lizards from clay in Outdoor Ceramics. We also played a fierce game of Floor Hockey, which ended in a tie. Group 27 flew into the Friday with Flying Squirrel that morning. Baseball at Mets Field was a home run, with the Liberty Ballers swinging for the fences! The week ended on a high note as we learned the Macarena in Zumba. As exciting as this week has been, next week will be even better as Group 27 enjoys their second overnight of the summer! We hope you all enjoy your weekend and we can’t wait to see you next week!

Group 20 Blog, Week 5

The globtrotters jumped into week 5 with a bang. On Monday our group swung the week off with getting to fly high in the trees in flying squirrel. On Tuesday the group had all sorts of fun at soccer, got to have fun with nature at gardening, and became NBA Allstars at basketball. Wacky Wednesday was a ton of fun. We finally got to preform our amazing dance that we had been planning the whole week in front of the entire unit. Thursday we also got to do our hobby hour which is our time to chose our favorite activities. Shabbat was a great way to end the week. We sang songs and drank grapefruit juice. We even got participate in Israeli day which is our time to learn about Israeli culture. Til next week group 20.

Week 5 Blog – Group 26

The gloomy weather this week couldn’t stop Group 26 from having a fantastic time at camp. On Monday we made super colorful and fantastic seahorse accessories perfect for Yomi Idol. The Terrific Taxis also played a game called Poison in basketball.  We continued practicing for Yomi idol learning dance moves to the song “Everything is Awesome” from the LEGO movie. In ceramics we made pancake sharks that looked so real you’d want to swim away! Later that day we had high ropes where we played a game called Jacobs Ladder. We climbed so high we could touch the clouds. On Wacky Wednesday we and were able to advance to the finals! We then performed in front of the WHOLE CAMP! We finished with the “Most N’Sync” award. Go Group 26!

Thursday we enjoyed a tasteful exploration of the world in photograph with our friends from Camp Tova. Later in the day we enjoyed playing tennis and going to our Yomi electives Friday had us enjoying some lovely cooking. We then found ourselves dancing in Shabbat. We sure can’t wait to see what’s in store for next week!

Week 5 Blog – Group 25

Yet another awesome week at Yomi kicked off with gymnastics bright and early on Monday morning. The campers zoomed through a challenging obstacle course that even included a flip! After working on their swimming skills in instructional swim, the campers sat down to a delicious baked ziti! The campers practically devoured it! In painting and drawing after lunch each camper made a treasure map including obstacles such as sharks, mud pits, and even famous marvel villains that needed to be defeated. After free swim the campers headed to Yomi-lectives. They continued to work on their session two activities. Tuesday morning began with a lice check but the excitement of upcoming yomi idol was already in the air. We even chose to do extra Yomi idol practice instead of play Ga-ga. Our routine to a mashup of the two songs “Lose Yourself” and “All the stars” was growing better by the minute! After instructional swim we sat down to a lunch of chicken fries and veggies. Then we headed to one of the kids’ favorite activities: ceramics. It was so much fun! Each camper got to design their very own ceramic frog (though some chose to make turtles instead). After the usual free swim excitement we had a relaxing yoga session. We played yoga games and shared some new facts about ourselves. We then jumped into another yomi idol practice where we really started to see the performance coming together. The hard work the campers put in was definitely paying off! Wednesday morning began unfortunately with a rainstorm. We rushed to do our final practices in between bouts of rain. Then, before we knew it, it was time for the performance. We cheered on all of our fellow Unit 3 groups and waited nervously for our turn. We did awesome! The dance moves came together beautifully, but nothing was more amazing that the spirit all of our campers showed and the smiles that never left their faces as they danced their hearts out. For this, we were awarded the “most spirited” award. Though we didn’t advance to the finals, we couldn’t be more proud of our performance. We then had a quick lunch of pancakes and scrambled eggs (who doesn’t love breakfast for lunch?) and then hopped on a bus to a hotel where we would see the finals. In the vein of our incredible spirit, the campers showed up to the hotel ready to put aside the disappointment of not advancing in order to cheer as loud as they could for our fellow Unit 3 groups. We lost our minds with excitement when we saw our Group 24 friends come in 3rd place. After the excitement of yomi idol, we all piled back onto the bus and got ready to head home. Thursday morning began with some awesome arts and crafts where the campers made magnificent mosaics! We then went to instructional swim where we got to see some of our campers advance to the next level. We followed this success with a delicious lunch of rice and chicken stir fry then jumped straight into basketball. First came a spirited game of “poison” (a shooting game that the campers really enjoy) then we got to play some actual basketball games for the first time! It was so exciting to watch our campers run around the court as if they were all Michael Jordan. After this rousing game we rushed to free swim where we continued with our high-energy playful games. After swim, we calmed down with our yomi electives that unfortunately came at the same time as yet another rainstorm. Despite the storm, most campers were still able to do their activities and improve the skills they love most.

Week 5 Blog – Group 24

Group 24 had a great week! We began the week practicing our dance moves for Yomi idol. We soared through the skies while ziplining, and enjoyed our Yomi-lective activities.  Tuesday had us coding and perfecting our Yomi-idol performance during Music w/ Nelson. Finally, we found our chi at yoga where we learned new poses and relaxed (namaste). Wednesday was Yomi Idol where we won first place in our unit! We then had to perform for the whole camp where we came in 3rd place! Go group 24!!!  Thursday we had tennis where we hit backhands and forehands, then arts and crafts then Yomi electives. Friday we had pop fit kids, instructional swim, gardening, Shabbat and nature. Overall a great week!

Week 5 Blog – Group 23

Although we are now into August and camp is coming to an end, Group 23 has been having a blast with all the exciting activities! We went through our week with energizing sports, practicing our techniques in tennis and basketball and having an intense tournament in Gaga.

We learned about galaxies while creating jewelry.  In gardening we learned about the flowers and herbs we were planting and in Krav Maga we learned the art of meditation.

This all led up to this week’s exciting Wacky Wednesday: Yomi Idol!  Group 23 worked their hardest all week to perform “We’re All in This Together,” from High School Musical, a song about friendship and teamwork.  In the end, we won the award for Best Smiles!!! We were then so happy to support our friends in other groups that competed in the finals.  Overall, Group 23’s week has been thrilling, full of energy and spirits, and we hope to keep it up for the last few weeks of camp!

Group 17 Blog, Week 5

This week the courageous cruisers had a great time showing off their moves in Yomi idol. They busted their humps practicing and did an amazing job! We also ran bases, and even hit a couple of home runs at baseball. Then in nature we dug in the the dirt for worms and examined with awe two different bids eggs. In Zumba the courageous cruisers got to show off there wicked moves while playing freeze dance. We also got to decorate photos that we took last class. If week 5’s weather couldn’t hold us back, then nothing can stop us from having a blast in week 6!

Week 5 Blog – Group 22

The first day of our fifth fantastic week began with loads of energy and anticipation for the days to come. Specifically, we were looking forward to a certain dance competition on Wednesday…Yomi Idol! With the performance looming ahead, we danced our way through archery, where we practiced our four archer’s stances and hit loads of bulls eyes. In instructional swim, we continued to work on moving up the levels, and in Lego robotics, we channeled our coding energies into creating traveling robots. Yomi-lectives allowed us to focus on our individual passions, and per usual, we wrapped up the day with a yummy snack.


Group 22 is gaga for Ga-ga! On Tuesday, we started off with some Ga-ga, which transitioned into a super spirited Yomi Idol practice filled with spectacular singing and delightful dancing. In free swim, we pretended to be sharks, minnows, cops, robbers, and narwhals while playing various pool games. We followed our rowdy swim period with some relaxing arts and crafts. Our mosaics were magnificent! Group 22 ended the day with a daring dash up the climbing tower. Who knew our kids were so adventurous and brave?


On Wednesday, we arrived at camp at the same time as some foreboding storm clouds that unfortunately prevented us from participating in our scheduled activities. Luckily, we were able to squeeze in a last-minute Yomi Idol rehearsal, and the rain had no effect on our excitement to showcase our hard work. The performance was absolutely fantastic. Broadway, here we come! Our dance was rewarded with the prestigious award, “best choreography” before we headed out to watch the fantastic finals.


While playing tennis on Thursday, it felt as though the sun was trying to compensate for its lack of appearance on Wednesday. We worked on hand-eye coordination and accuracy in the sweltering heat before heading to a refreshing instructional swim period, where we performed daring dives and beautiful backstroke. After devouring our delicious lunch, we all developed green thumbs in gardening, where we explored the wonders of worms and compost. We had a handful of new super-sliders during free swim, and ended the day with yomi-lectives, once again.


Friday began with a spectacular game of soccer and drills to improve our technique, followed by swim, the perfect activity to cool down. We were able to revisit our Yomi Idol dancing skills during zumba, where we had a blast before heading to free swim to continue our pool games. After participating in yet another spectacular Shabbat filled with singing, dancing, and c.o.w.s, we wrapped up another perfect week with painting and drawing.

Group 14 Blog, Week 5

The Extraordinary Explorers went into this week smiling and ready for action. As camp is coming closer to it’s end, the Extraordinary Explorers are determined to enjoy every second of camp! On Monday we learned how to play lacrosse. We learned how to scoop the ball and how to score a goal. On Tuesday we learned how to play some field games at PopFit Kids. We learned to play a game of soccer without our feet and using only our hands. On Wednesday we had an amazing time at Yomi Idol! We won number one in the entire unit, and even made it to the finals to dance in front of the entire camp! We were super nervous but ended up having so much fun! On Thursday we had cooking and made some delicious hummus to go with our pretzels! On Friday we enjoyed riding our boat on the pond at Boating and we even had a race with each other. Week 5 was amazing, but we have a feeling week 6 is going to be even better!

Group 16 Blog, Week 5

With only 3 weeks left the Group 16 Superstar Sailors jumped into week five with the excitement of Yomi Idol. We started off the week pounding out some chickpeas, salt, pepper and olive oil into delicious hummus that we enjoyed for the rest of the day. Next we ran over to baseball where we hastily hit strong home runs. As the rain started to pour down, we finally danced our way through Yomi Idol, where we killed it on the dance floor to the Zoe 101 theme song. We also had field zipline where we flew from side to side and made sure not to look down. Finally we bounced our way over to basketball and impressed coach with our jump shots. We wish everyone a great weekend, and can’t wait to reunite next week!

Group 12 Blog, Week 5

With camp being more than half way done, The Silly Sightseers are making the most out of the remaining few weeks. We kickstarted the week off with the campers favorite activities such as soccer, archery, ceramics, and many more. The excited campers enjoyed camp by creating creative and cool cars in ceramics, then scoring some amazing goals in soccer, and relaxing in yoga and improv where they played fun games. Throughout the week the campers enjoyed themselves by participating in the adventurous ropes obstacle course, and of course in Yomi Idol where Group 12 won 2nd place in the unit. The campers even took some wonderful pictures of their friends and nature in photography. The campers also played a cool challenging game in coding by using different codes to reach their target, and went on to hit some terrific targets in archery. The Silly Sightseers can’t wait to see what the rest of camp has in store!

Group 19 Blog, Week 5

The world Wanderers (group 19) flew frantically into week five, building beautiful sharks in outdoor ceramics and blasting bullseyes in archery. Alongside these brilliant activities, group 19 engaged in exciting educational endeavors, becoming beasts at beating drums in music with some special yomi idol practice sprinkled sporadically into the schedule. On wacky Wednesday the highly anticipated Yomi Idol competition was held, with the World Wanderers’ Spongebob theme song soaring above the competition, placing third in the Unit contest!!! It truly was a tremendously triumphant day, with group 19 cheering compassionately for our Unit 2 comrades. While the hype of Yomi idol had worn off in the final days of the week, group 19 kept up its amazing attitude and desire to discover new things, flying frisbees sky high in frisbee and joyfully juggling in circus arts. We even got another chance to freely fly through the air on the field zip line! We had an absolutely amazing week five in group 19, and can’t wait for whatever exciting opportunities are waiting for us in week 6!! Have a great weekend!!

Group 21 Blog, Week 5

The Terrific Travelers of Group 21 opened up the week with a bang. On Monday, the Terrific Travelers had their fun by hitting bomb shots at baseball, with both teams making home runs! We took our base running over to jewelry where we made spectacular seahorse necklaces. We jumped into Tuesday with some awesome musical lacrosse. The Terrific Travelers flew on over to photography and took pretty portraits at tons of different angles. We rocked out on Wednesday with our annual Yomi Idol and watched some of our unit 2 friends at the finals!  Thursday, we had a great time cooking and, later, practicing yoga. We ended our fun filled week at Shabbat with singing and dancing with all of our group. This week was so special, but next week is going to be even better.

Group 13 Blog, Week 5

It’s week five and group 13, the Jazzy Jetsetters, are still full of energy, spirit and are ready to make memories that will last a lifetime. This week was no ordinary week for the Jazzy Jetsetters! We started off with some sports such as soccer and baseball! Group 13 played a friendly game against each other and then they got to put their skills to the test with a game against their counselors; they rocked the field! And that wasn’t all! The Jazzy Jetsetters then showed off their bravery in flying squirrel; we’ve never seen the group work so hard as a team and support each other to get through this obstacle. Though it rained on Wednesday, group 13 still managed to put on a great show at yomi idol. The smiles, dancing and singing joyfully spread through unit 2 and as a whole Camp, through the Marriott hotel! We’ve had such an exciting week and the week got even better as campers got to partake in an activity of their choice for an entire hour, coming back more excited then ever about their new skills and the goals they achieved! As the week came to a close, we enjoyed coming together as a family during Shabbat to sing and we brought our awesome jazzy moves to the dance floor once again for fun as a unit! We hope everyone enjoys their weekend and we’ll see everyone on Monday for another exciting week at camp!!!

Group 15 Blog, Week 5

The valiant voyagers, group 15, kicked this week off at jewelry making by crafting colorful seahorse necklaces before flying over to frisbee. We cheered our way over to gaga where we played a friendly game of campers vs. Sarah. We laughed our way through circus arts where we practiced our balancing and Chinese yo-yo skills. After that we flew down mini zip, but not before having a yummy lunch. We ended our day splashing around in the pool for free and instructional swim. We ran into Tuesday’s first period soccer by splitting into two groups, each group playing against group 20! After, we helped out in the camp garden by pulling out weeds and planting our own seeds. We then continued to practice our yomi idol dance that would be preformed the next day. Next, we went through a challenging obstacle course in pioneering before heading back to the shelter for lunch. At painting and drawing we made our very own colorful and creative treasure maps decorated with everything from crocodiles to an evil octopus named mr. Troublemaker. After we found the treasure we went over to the pool where it seemed as if some of our campers turned into fish!  Wednesday’s rain didn’t stop us from having our final practice before our performance. We may not have gotten first place, but our group did get the award for best lip syncing the song! That day we also got to have breakfast for lunch with warm pancakes and eggs. After lunch, all units headed over to a hotel to watch the first and second place winners from each unit perform their dances in front of the whole camp! We cheered so loud when our friends from unit two went up to preform. Thursday morning we programmed our way into Lego robotics before heading back to the unit for hobby hour. When the group got back together we went over to Yankees field for an awesome game of baseball. After lunch we had Jewish music where we got to drum on buckets and play many fun games! Unfortunately, swim was cut short due to the rain, but it didn’t stop us from playing a great human bingo game with the whole unit. Have a great weekend, and see you soon!

Group 18 Blog, Week 5

Group 18, The Frequent Flyers, had an amazing week of camp. We raced over to Pop-Fit kids for a series of competitive exercises. We had an amazing time at soccer again and we also drew treasure maps at painting and drawing.  We learned some new Hebrew words at Jewish culture, while talking about the geography of Israel. After this and Israel day last week, I think we have become experts on Israel. Parent night was also a blast. It was great to have dinner at camp with our parents. That day, we filmed a zombie movie at filmmaking with our counselors and parents. The next day we danced our way around Yomi Idol as we became the Fresh Prince of a town called Bel-Air. We did a great job dressing up. And we even won the award for best costumes! Although we didn’t win the entire competition, Yomi Idol was still a blast! We are entering the homestretch of camp and we are really excited for the last two weeks!

Group 5 Blog – Week 5

Group 5 had an awesome time this week at camp. Group 5 kicked the week off by swishing and dishing at basketball. Before parent night, group 5 made amazing collages at arts a crafts and got to jam out in music with Nelson. On Wacky Wednesday, group 5 put on an amazing show with their dance to “Under the Sea,” where they received the “most energy” award! During the late night, group 5 danced our hearts out during our silent dance party before making our very own stuffed animals and enjoying a barbecue dinner. The group closed the spectacular week by enjoying their grape juice and challah at Shabbat and singing and dancing with all of unit 1!  We had such an awesome week and we’re looking forward to the next one!

Group 11 Blog – Week 5

This week, the Shining Sharks had a blast! On Monday we raced each other in pop fit kids and showed off our athletic abilities. Then, we collected wiggly worms in nature. On Tuesday we made really yummy hummus in cooking and enjoyed it with homemade pita chips!  It was so good On Wednesday, after a lot of practice, we preformed our Yomi Idol dance to “Surfing USA” in front of all of Unit 1! It was so awesome and we won the award for Best Choreography! On Thursday we played a great game of baseball  and scored a ton of home runs!  On Friday, we had an amazing time looking for more worms at gardening and singing and dancing with our unit at shabbat. After having amazing week at camp we can’t wait to see what next week brings!

Group 10 Blog – Week 5

Group 10 had an awesome week filled with so many cool activities! On Monday after scoring a ton of goals in soccer we had a great time relaxing at yoga.  We tried so many new yoga poses! On Tuesday we hit a bunch of home runs and ran all the bases in record time! On Wednesday after practicing so well, we preformed, “How Far I’ll Go” from Moana and even got to wear hula skirts!  We got to take home an awesome award for all our hard work! On Thursday, we got to make videos in front of the green screen and then learned some new skills at circus arts!  We had such a great time at Shabbat, singing and dancing with all of our friends. This week was so awesome and we can’t wait to have another great week!

Group 7 Blog – Week 5

This week, Group 7 started off strong with Yomi idol practice! Next, we went to Music with Nelson where we made up new lyrics to the Shabbat songs. Then, at photography, we took pictures of nature and our friends. On Tuesday we started off with basketball where we improved our amazing skills. Afterwards, we cooled off at arts and crafts where we made collages. Next we did the extremely hard obstacle course and had a blast! Next was Wacky Wednesday! This week was Yomi idol where we performed our amazing dance to the Spongebob Theme Song. We got to take home the best sportsmanship award! Then, because it rained, we went to the hotel to see the finals. We enjoyed watching the other groups dance while cheering them on! On Thursday we played Ga-Ga with campers versus counselors where the campers won! Next we zoomed off to the mini zip and had a blast. On Friday we played an intense game of tennis. Afterwards we went to gardening where we had a friendly competition of who could pick the most weeds. At Shabbat we drank grape juice and ate challah while singing the songs we learned at music with Nelson.  We had an amazing week and we’re really looking forward to the next one!

Group 8 Blog – Week 5

The Super Starfish had an eventful week! On Monday, we scored some goals in soccer and practiced our awesome Yomi Idol dance. Then, we made stylish under-the-sea themed jewelry, and enjoyed circus arts along with a very special dinner at parent night! On Wednesday, we jammed out to “Goofy Goober Rock,” took home first place in the Unit 1 section of Yomi Idol, performed in front of the whole camp in the final round, and earned the Yomi bear award! Thursday was packed with fun as we made awesome shots in basketball, and learned about insects in nature! Late night was fantastic, and we had the best time dancing at the silent disco and making stuffed tigers! The group was all smiles, playing with each other and their counselors. We sang our favorite songs together at shabbat on Friday, and enjoyed yummy challah bread. We all left camp highly anticipating another fun week!

Group 6 Blog – Week 5

Rain can’t stop the Jolly Jellyfish from having another great week at Camp Yomi! On Monday, we went to filmmaking and got to be in this week’s Wacky Wednesday video. We cheered and smiled. After that, we had Yomi Idol practice and learned cool, new dance moves. On Tuesday in Yoga, each of us created poses like the butterfly, the rocket ship, and even the ballerina pose! How can we forget about gymnastics? We flipped and jumped. On Wednesday, everyone was getting ready for Yomi Idol! After all the practices, we finally got to perform and got the Most In Sync award! We rocked our cool glasses and enjoyed other units’ performances. On Thursday, we played kickball and went on the mini zip line! It was so much fun to soar through the air! Lastly, on Friday, we had a blast during cooking and Shabbat. Every week is an amazing one at Camp Yomi and we’re looking forward to the next one!

Group 9 Blog – Week 5

The Stellar Sea Dragons continue to have the most amazing weeks this summer. Week 5 started off just as great the others. We start off our week with the flying squirrel where the sea dragons soared through the air. Who knew sea dragons could fly too!? After doing that the Sea Dragons also enjoyed going to pop fit kids where they got to show off their speed. This week we also played super intense games of soccer! We also rehearsed our dance moves for Yomi Idol where we danced to “You’re Welcome.” Because the Sea Dragons practiced so hard and were so amazing, they made it into the finals of Yomi Idol, where they preformed to the whole camp! After doing that, the Sea Dragons received an award for how well they did. The next day the Sea Dragons played baseball and went to painting and drawing, where we made AWESOME treasure maps. Next, we went to Jewish culture and the Sea Dragons asked such interesting questions.  We then ended off our day with late night where we had a big headphone party and made stuffed tigers.  Friday was eventful as usual with an awesome shabbat celebration.  Have a great weekend!

Week 5 Blog: Group 4

The Rockin’ Raindrops cannot believe we are in the fifth week of camp! We started the week off strong by making robots at Arts & Crafts. Then, after swim we made bug homes at Gardening and began practicing our Yomi Idol dance. Group 4 had so much fun completing an amazing obstacle course at Low Ropes.  When Wednesday came around we were so pumped to perform our dance to the song “Brave” by Sara Bareilles that we had practiced the whole week. After we performed we won 1st place in the entire unit, which meant that we got to perform in front of the whole camp! We danced and sang our hearts out in our superhero costumes and we won second place! On Thursday, we were so excited for our second late night at camp, where we got to make our very own stuffed tigers! Friday is always fun because we get to start our day off with Shabbat, singing our favorite songs and eating yummy challah and grape juice. It was such an exciting week for group 4 and we can’t wait for the next week of camp!

Week 5 Blog: Group 3

The Astro Aliens started off the week strong by learning new skills on the bars in Gymnastics! Tuesday was full of sports and fun, and even included a counselor vs camper game of soccer…and the campers won! We cooled off in photography decorating frames the beautiful photos that we had taken. Wednesday was the day we had all been waiting for…Yomi Idol! Group 3 had a blast dressing up as the toys from Toy Story and dancing along to You’ve Got a Friend in Me for the whole unit! Our late night on Thursday was so special because we got to make our own tiger friends and dance in the Unit K shelter during a silent disco dance party. This helped us work up an appetite for dinner, which we thoroughly enjoyed before snuggling our tigers on the bus ride home. On Friday, our imaginations ran wild when we built our very own jungle gym in Imagination Playground. Shabbat was a great way to relax after this very busy week and we can’t wait to see what next week brings!

Week 5 Blog: Group 2

The Shining Stars began this new week of camp with such excitement and energy as we practiced our Yomi Idol dance during Zumba. We had a blast as we hit so many home runs in Baseball and then we kept that athletic energy up as we kicked the ball super high in Kickball. On Tuesday we were so excited because we got to make our very own slime! Then during Circus Arts we played a super fun animal guessing game and we drew maps of Israel during Jewish Culture. Tuesday was so special because we got to show our parents camp. We did a special jewelry making activity with our parents by making our very own lion bracelets. Wednesday was so cool because it was Yomi Idol and we got to show off our dance moves for everyone to see. On Thursday, we had a blast playing our favorite field games with our counselors. We then got to see our favorite pictures that we had taken in Photography and decorate our own frames! Later, we made our own super cool robots during Arts & Crafts! We had a blast during the late night making our own stuffed animal tigers and dancing in the Unit K shelter during a silent disco party! On Friday we had so much fun singing along to our favorite Shabbat songs and singing along with the Shabbatones! We can’t wait for the next week of camp!

Week 5 Blog: Group 1

Group 1 had another fantastic week of camp! On Monday, the group started off the week with a lot of laughs at Circus Arts. Everyone enjoyed hearing the funny jokes and playing the animal guessing game. Later on, we went to Arts & Crafts where we made our robots! On Tuesday, the group participated in an exciting game of soccer. We also had Pioneering where group 1 campers used their super speed to complete a challenging obstacle course.Tuesday was a very special day at camp because we got to have group 1 parents up at camp and play a fun game of baseball with them! Wednesday was the day we had all been waiting for….Yomi Idol! Group 1’s dance to Try Everything was amazing! The Happy Hot Air Balloons looked incredible on stage decked out in their Camp Yomi shirts and super cool dance moves. On Thursday we had a great time balancing, tumbling and jumping at Gymnastics! Thursday was so special because we had a chance to stuff our very own stuffed animal tigers in the Unit K shelter and have a silent disco dance party! On Friday we sang our favorite songs at Shabbat and enjoyed our delicious challah and grape juice at Shabbat. Later, we had basketball where we worked on our dribbling and shooting skills. We had an amazing week and can’t wait to see what comes next!

Wonderful Week at Bari Tov!

We cannot believe how fast the summer is going by! We had a fun filled week at Bari Tov full of trying new things and fun! Wednesday we celebrated Luau Day by dressing up in our fined Hawaiian attire and playing in water! Thursday was a very special day because it was Camp Idol! One group danced to “Apache” and the other group danced to Jackson Five’s “ABC.” Both groups really stole the show! The week ended with a super fun trip to Camelbeach Mountain Waterpark. Some favorite attractions included a wave pool, lazy river, and a big waterslide called “Titan!”


Bari Tov Group 1 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Period 1 Fun Day at the 92Y! Basketball Nature Gymnastics The Maritime Aquarium Trip!
Period 2 Circus Arts Filmmaking Baseball
Period 3 Carnival! Soccer Field Zipline
Period 4 Lunch Lunch Lunch
Period 5 Free Swim Free Swim Free Swim
Period 6 Instructional Swim Free Swim Instructional Swim
Period 7 Carnival! Archery Playground
Period 8 Photography Painting & Drawing Arts & Crafts
Bari Tov Group 2 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Period 1 Fun Day at the 92Y! Ga-Ga Zumba Baseball The Maritime Aquarium Trip!
Period 2 Archery Jewelry Making Pop Fit Kids
Period 3 Carnival! Filmmaking Jewish Music
Period 4 Lunch Lunch Lunch
Period 5 Free Swim Free Swim Free Swim
Period 6 Instructional Swim Free Swim Instructional Swim
Period 7 Carnival! Painting & Drawing Photography
Period 8 Arts & Crafts Outdoor Ceramics Cooking


To all of our Unit 4 Parents:

Often during the overnight, some of our campers may find it a bit difficult to fall asleep in such a different environment. So we’re asking that if possible, you send your child to overnight with book or another quiet time activity that will assist with the sleeping portion of the overnight. Also, we ask that you do not send your children with candy, it can become problematic and can work against the sleeping part of the night.

Thank you so much,
Maddy & Valade