G5 Blog Week 2

Happy second week of camp! G5 has been enjoying their title as group of the week! On Monday, we got to know each other more as new campers entered this week. At filmmaking, we played fun games like what’s your favorite animal and color. On Tuesday, we had picture day and all the ladies looked stunning. The smiles were contagious. Look out for those pictures! On Wednesday, we started the beautiful day off with evos. This is when we learned a new game called 123 and we did not stop playing. Of course we played a few games of Uno. What’s camp without a good game of Uno? On Thursday, we arrived at Pinemere and there were so many activities. The activities ranged from Farming to Rock Climbing. On Friday, we arrived at Camelbeach.This was an amazing waterpark. The ladies enjoyed the lazy river and the wave pool. Can’t wait for next week with G5.

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Yomi Seniors Group G5 Week 3 Schedule



Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thurs/Fri
Period 1 Jewelry Making Gardening Archery Trip
Period 2 Soccer Tennis Ceramics
Period 3 Instructional Swim Instructional Swim Instructional Swim
Period 4 Lunch Lunch Lunch
Period 5 Majors Minors Majors
Period 6 Majors Minors Majors
Period 7 Free Swim Free Swim Free Swim