B5 Blog Week 2

B5 had an amazing time on our third week of camp! The Meteorites started off the week with some Nature activities, where we caught plenty of ants to create the perfect ant-utopia. We marched forward with a crazy competitive game of Frisbee, where everyone had an awesome time! For our last day at camp for the week, we had our first shot at baseball where plenty of home runs had our campers run the bases. Finishing up the day with a refreshing run through the sprinklers we headed home and got ready for the awesome overnight ahead. Our first overnight trip had us head over heels in lake fun, archery activities, volleyball games and a fun trip to the petting zoo! Our campers were awesome and finished up a cool first day away from the city with some s’mores and friendly cheers back and forth with the other group. Starting up the day with a delicious breakfast, we headed up to Camel Back and had a water-soaked blast trying out the different slides they had to offer. After having an awesome time in the wave pool, we headed back into the city to rest up for the next week. We’re looking forward to all the awesome activities and fun new things we’ll try!

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Yomi Seniors Group B5 Week 3 Schedule



Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thurs/Fri
Period 1 Floor Hockey High Ropes Soccer Trip
Period 2 Basketball Ga-Ga Jewelry Making
Period 3 Instructional Swim Instructional Swim Instructional Swim
Period 4 Lunch Lunch Lunch
Period 5 Majors Minors Majors
Period 6 Majors Minors Majors
Period 7 Free Swim Free Swim Free Swim