B4 Blog Week 2

The third week of camp kicked off with an intense but fun game of ultimate frisbee which the kids put a lot of energy and excitement to the game. Afterwards we had baseball, it was a match where kids and counselors excelled at bat. This was also the second week of majors which the kids enjoyed. On Tuesday we had picture day, which took full advantage of and showed their large smiles while “cheesing” to the flash of cameras. On Wednesday, the group had archery first period, where they improved their skills of reloading and shooting an arrow from the quiver, in second period the group had pioneering; this unique experience was a teaching moment for the kids to use games to teach them important skills in communication, accommodating to different ideas, and teamwork in complicated situations. Because the pool was drained near the end of the day, the kids took to running into the sprinklers (while trying to pull counselors toward the cold water), and even started playing touch football. On Thursday we all left to camp Piemere where we enjoyed dance classes, swimming in the lake, tennis, and rope courses. On Friday we enjoyed the water rides an t camel-beach. Overall; the kids grew closer together and enjoyed every moment to the fullest.