Group 32 Week 4 Schedule

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Period 1 Filmmaking / UNIT: Sports Club Baseball @ Yomi Seniors Basketball A Floor Hockey / UNIT: Sports Club UNIT: Israel Day
Period 2 Instructional Swim Instructional Swim Instructional Swim Instructional Swim Instructional Swim
Period 3 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
Period 4 Pop Fit Kids Circus Arts UNIT: Wacky Wednesday Entertainter Lego Robotics Shabbat
Period 5 Free Swim Free Swim Free Swim Free Swim Free Swim
Period 6 Yoga Yomi-lectives Wacky Wednesday YOMI IDOL PRACTICE Yomi-lectives
Period 7 Tennis B Yomi-lectives Wacky Wednesday Nature Yomi-lectives
Period 8 Snack / Dismissal Snack / Dismissal Snack / Dismissal Snack / Dismissal Snack / Dismissal

Unit 4 Overnight!

July 2018

Dear Unit 4 Families,

One of our most popular events at Camp Yomi is the OVERNIGHT and we have great news… the first Unit 4 Overnight is just around the corner! Your camper’s OVERNIGHT will take place on Thursday, July 12. We will enjoy the pool all to ourselves for an extra swim in the late afternoon.  Our special day will continue into the early evening with fun-filled activities, a Kosher barbecue dinner and s’mores with songs by a campfire. Our fun continues the next morning with an additional swim! Breakfast the next morning is also provided, along with lunch on Friday. Campers return home the next day at the normal bus site and scheduled time.

Overnight programming is an optional activity, though well over 90% of our campers choose to participate. There is no need to call if your child will be joining us; however, please notify your child’s Unit Supervisor (Maddy) by Wednesday, July 11th at 5pm if your child wishes to return to your usual drop-off site at the regular time (5:00pm) on Thursday.You can reach Maddy at

What to bring on the overnight (we recommend sending everything in a duffle bag or a second backpack (wheeled suitcases are not ideal for the campgrounds terrain):

Sleeping Bag (Required)
Insect Repellent
Long Sleeve Shirt & Long Pants
Change of clothes for the next day, including swimsuits for 3 Thursday and 3 Friday swims
Rain gear (optional)
Your enthusiasm for a great night with camp friends J
DO NOT send electronics, including cell phones, or CANDY

If your child takes medication that needs to be administered to your child while on the overnight, you should give the medication to your child’s bus counselor Thursday morning. Please include written authorization from the parent/guardian along with the name of the medication, condition for which the medication is being used, the required dosage and frequency with which it is to be dispensed. All medication must be in the original prescription container.

If you have any questions or if we can be of any assistance prior to this event, please contact the camp office at (212) 415-5643 ext.2 or email Maddy at .


Ivy Manheim​​         ​​  Monica Brandwein ​​                   Maddy Weinfeld

Camp Yomi Director​​  Programming Director​​     Camp Yomi Unit 4 Supervisor


Unit 3 & 4 Parent Night

July 2018

Dear Camp Yomi Parents,

On Tuesday, July 10 we will be hosting our Units 3 and 4 Family Visiting Evening at camp.  Visiting Evening is always special as it is an opportunity to meet your child’s counselors, join the group for an activity period and find out what has made Camp Yomi such an amazing and unforgettable experience. Please bring a picnic dinner. We will provide a cold drink and dessert.

All visitors traveling by our Academy Buses should assemble on 3rd Avenue at 91st Street (around the corner from the 92nd Street Y) between 3:45pm and 4:00pm.  We will begin the boarding process at 3:50pm and our last bus will depart from 3rd Avenue at 4:05pm. Parent buses will depart from the Campgrounds beginning at 6:45pm.  If you are driving you should plan to arrive at 5:00pm (the drive is approximately 20 minutes from the George Washington Bridge in light traffic).Please be aware if you arrive before 5:00pm, you will need to wait in the parking lot as campers and staff will still be preparing for your arrival. Directions to the campgrounds are included below.

Please respond to this e-mail or e-mail and let us know if you’ll be joining us this evening and if your camper should remain at camp. Please include your child’s name, unit, and your plans for July 10 in the e-mail. If you have another child from Units K, 1 or 2 or from another 92nd Street Y Camp this summer that you would like to have stay with their sibling, please e-mail and let them know. If you are driving, please bring a photo ID to get into the campgrounds. If someone other than you or your child’s legal guardian will be attending, please email their name to get their name on the security list.

As an alternative, your child can return at the regular time to their usual bus stop, just email to let us know. Please email us by Monday, July 11th at 5:00pm.  If your situation changes between the time that you contact us and the event, please inform your camper’s Unit Supervisor at 212.415.5643 regarding the changes.

If you have any questions concerning visiting evening, please feel free to contact us at the Camp Office at 212.415.5573 or e-mail Jeremy (Unit 3 Supervisor) or Maddy (Unit 4 Supervisor) at We look forward to seeing you at the campgrounds on Tuesday, July 12.


Ivy Manheim

Director, Camp Yomi

Directions from New York City to Henry Kaufmann Campgrounds:

-Take Upper Level of GW Bridge.

-Get on the Palisades Parkway (stay right immediately on other side of GW Bridge).

-Take Palisades Parkway to Exit 7 Townline Road and make a LEFT onto Townline.

-Proceed to stop sign and make a RIGHT at the stop sign onto Sickletown Road.

-Take Sickletown Road for about 1.5 miles (you will go under a one-lane stone bridge) until you see a sign on the right for “HENRY KAUFMANN CAMPGROUNDS, MILDRED GOETZ SITE”

-Make a right up the driveway and park in lot.

Group 32 Blog

Week Three
The Magnificent Magicians had a SPECTACULAR fourth week at Camp Yomi. Group 32 started the week off with a home run at Baseball. Continuing the theme of physical activity, they expressed their skills in their first Gymnastics lesson if that summer, with so many flips and tricks the counselors couldn’t keep up! On Wednesday, Cotton Candy, Popcorn and Snow Cones! Group 32 enjoyed this week’s Wacky Wednesday, as Camp Yomi was turned into a Carnival! Wrapping up the week with some creativity, Group 32 spent their Thursday in Arts and Crafts, Painting and Drawing and OUTDOOR CERAMICS! Group 32 finished off their week with learning about Camp Yomi’s Garden and enjoying some Hala Bread and Grape  Juice in Shabbat.

Week Two
The Magnificent Magicians expanded their horizon and sailed their way into the third week of camp beginning with boating. We then went dived in to Instructional Swim to practice our swimming. Group 32 then got fit over at Pop Fit Kids, we then took a quick dive in free swim. Finishing off Monday with controlling some Lego Robotics and jamming out in Music with Nelson. The Magnificent Magicians entered Tuesday morning by taking some nice pictures for Picture Day. We then played an intense game of Gaga in the pit. Group 32 continued to display their amazing skill set during an intense game of floor hockey. Showing off their creative side, campers had the opportunity to dress up as a character from their favorite book for this weeks Wacky WednesdayOn Thursday, Group 32 had their first Overnight in Unit 4! Campers celebrated their first overnight with a fun game of Color Chase, Are You Smarter Than a 4th Grader Jeopardy style, and closing off the night with S’mores and story time. Come Friday morning, Group 32 had a wonderful time in Free Swim then had an intense game of Frisbee where they leaped and caught the Frisbee. Wrapping up their long week by celebrating Shabbat and Yomi-Electives!

“Actives” at Camp
Our beautiful campgrounds have over 50 acres of grass, courts, and fields to play on. With over 12 active activities, our campers are sure to get in the game! Our sports activities are coached by professional sports organizations and instructors such as; The Baseball Center, Tennis Innovators, and Super Soccer Stars.
This week, Fly Yoga instructors coached campers on how to create stories using only body movements. Campers dribbled down the court at basketball, learning special reasoning on the court.
Unit 3 and 4 campers have the option of joining the weekly Sports Club activity for even more sports in their schedule. During Sports Club, campers enhance their skills, receive extra practice time and specialized instruction.

Week One B
The Magnificent Magicians had a magical second week at Camp Yomi! Group 32 really showed off their athletic skills this week. They swung their hardest during tennis drills. The campers stole some bacon and scored points during lacrosse. During Soccer this week, the group shot so many goals making it a success for this lively group of magical campers. In Flying Squirrel, Group 32 reached to the top of the trees and swung back and forth really fast, making the campers and even the counselors fly all the way to the sky. Have you ever got to be pulled up to the top of a tree with the help of your friends? In Yomi Electives, Group 32 got to show off their skills in Ceramics, Baseball, Farm to Table, Horseback Riding, and much more! The Magnificent Magicians began instructional swim this week and showed off their moves during free swim speed racing and playing tag around the swim block. The Magnificent Magicians ended their week off with some yummy Grape Juice and challah at Shabbat!


Its been such a hot summer so far, we can’t wait to dive into even more summer fun at the pool! We started instructional swim this week and look forward to helping your camper build on their skills in the coming weeks.

Just as a reminder, each day campers have a free and instructional swim period. Campers receive swim instruction from American Red Cross Certified lifeguards and instructors. After each camper is evaluated on their swim skills, they are placed into their appropriate swim groups with respective bracelet color.

The swim levels are:

Blue: Wader, Splasher, Guppy

Orange: Tadpole, Minnow, Goldfish

Red: Catfish, Dolphin, Marlin, Barracuda, Shark, Killer Whale

To get more information on the objectives of each swim level, please check out the document section located on the left side of your parent portal The levels are listed under “Swim Information 2018”.

If you have any specific questions about swim, feel free to email  Nina, Swim Director, at or leave a voicemail at 212.415.5643 ext 3.


Week One
It was an amazing week at Camp Yomi for Group 32! The Magnificent Magicians started off Camp  with a nice walk around the camp during Nature. We were able to discover different plants like tulip poplars. There were also many chipmunks running around that the campers got to giggle at. We then went to test our swimming skills over at swimming. Campers behaved really well while getting tested during their first instructional swim period of the season. After lunch, Group 32 stood in the shelter to play a fun game of uno and learn new stitches to create on lanyard. We then hopped back in the water for free swim. After free swim, Group 32 went into the big field and played an fun game of frisbee! To wrap up our day we finished by cracking some codes during coding. What a great first day at camp! On Thursday, we started off our day scoring some goals in soccer. After we cooled down playing a fun game of tag during instructional swim. After lunch, we shot some cool footage in filmmaking then went on over to play ‘Marco Polo’ in the pool. Group 32 wrapped up their day by relaxing with some poses in Yoga and drawing futuristic robots in Painting and Drawing. Group 32 finished off their week by swinging home runs in the Yankee field. The campers then went on over to instructional swim to learn new ways to swim. After lunch, Unit 4 headed on down to the Amphitheater to celebrate Shabbat with some Hala and grape juice! We cooled down from the hot weather by having a nice swim during free swim. Group 32 finished off their week with heading over to the big field after free swim and ending the day with their Yomi Electives!